Workshop 1

Where next for online identities

In recent years, we have seen a great surge in online identity solutions: from developments in the private sector to the European eIDAS, Estonia’s e-ID to Dutch IRMA. While these innovations are incredibly promising, we have not yet been able to harness the full promise of the new technologies in the identity space.

In this interactive workshop we think about how we take online identity management systems to the next level, through co-designing an “e-identity as the new passport”. We make sense of a rapidly evolving and jargon-heavy field, and think about how these tools can be used to increase trust online and can empower citizens to take back control over their own online presence from the large online platforms.


Maria Rautavirta, Director of Data Business Unit, Finnish Department for Transport and Communications
Oskar van Deventer, Senior Scientist Blockchain Networking, at TNO – Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (download the slides here)
Gaëlle le Gars, Independent Policy Analyst Specialising on intersecting Digital and Urban Policy, NGI Forward
Rob van Kranenburg, Founder IoT Council and Resonance Design, NGI Forward
Federico Bonelli, CMO, LEDGER project



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